Psychic Medium

Judith Anne

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What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is when a living person communicates with recognizable spirits of those who have passed over. We spend our physical lifetime on earth with a body. When that life is over, our consciousness survives and passes into the world of spirit. The spirit world is separated from the physical world by dimension and frequency, but not location. Our loved ones in spirit are near us, and can be reached when we adjust to their vibration. Mediums raise their vibration and intention to connect with spirit who will lower their vibration to connect with us. The innate ability of a Medium to shift his or her energy to connect with those in spirit varies with individuals and can be purposefully developed. Evidential mediumship proves that our loved ones still exist on this other plane, and continue to be a part of our lives. 

Effective mediumship requires the cooperation of the medium, the communicator (spirit), and the sitter (person receiving the reading). The medium quiets her conscious mind to access a higher vibration and receives information in ways which may include pictures, symbols, names, sounds, tastes and smells. Ethical, responsible mediums will not relay information that creates fear or distress. They are sensitive and compassionate and work to provide comfort and healing tor the highest good.

Helpful Information for Your Reading -

Mediumship has been practiced since the beginning of recorded history and by all known ancient civilizations.
It was an accepted and normal occurrence for many societies. People do not need to have a specific religious faith to believe in or practice mediumship.
A mediumship reading can be very helpful in bringing you comfort, peace, and validation that your loved ones are indeed okay. They will try to give me information to verify it is them.

Within your family or circle of friends, you can have many people in spirit. You may want to connect with one particular person, but there is no guarantee that person will come through Make sure you are not closed off for others to come through. You may have a friend or coworker or in-law who has lost a loved one. Their loved one in spirit may try to get a message to you with the hope you will pass it along.

Try not to take every message literally. Think outside the box, i.e. If I give you the number five, it could mean the fifth of any month, the month of May, or five of something.

Spirit is energy and cannot communicate like you and I.  If they did, it would make a Medium's job so much easier. A lot of times the message comes in bits and pieces... like putting a puzzle together and making the pieces fit.  Spirit may give me some information that doesn't make sense to me but it makes sense to you.  What matters is that you understand the message and meaning.  As a medium we are not meant to be right, we are meant to pass on the information as we hear it.  If you don't get it right away, you will get it later on. Trust in that.

Those on the other side have no concept of time. Five years is five minutes to them. They can send messages about things that not even happened yet. I don't get information that is not for your highest good. My guides don't allow this unless under extreme circumstances. 
Try not to be overanxious or nervous.  If you don't understand something I am saying, I will  try not to waste time and move on.  But give yourself a chance to understand it because you may miss an important message. Relax and enjoy your reading for what it is:  A wonderful, beautiful time to get one last message.  Thank you for trusting me to bring our loved ones through!

About Your Reading -

How to Prepare -

1. Expect nothing. This way you will not close off your mind to receiving the messages that 

   come through me. Set no expectation of what you will hear. Be open to the blessings that 

   come through.

2. Don't tell me any personal information. I need to 'hear' what I 'hear' from within me. 

3. Do validate what I say. If you do not understand the message, set it aside. Sometimes   

   messages are not validated until after the reading.

4. Write down questions. I always make time for questions.

How I Receive Messages -

1. Through clairaudience, I am able to hear sounds, including the voices of spirits.

2. Through clairvoyance. I see pictures, sometimes in full video reception and other times like

    still pictures.

3. Through clairsentience. I feel or sense spiritual messages, emotions, feelings of deceased.

4. Through clairalience I smell things (like tobacco, perfume, flowers).

5. Through claircognizance. This one is the biggest for me - it is a knowing. I just know things

    to be true.


My intention is to always treat my psychic mediumship with respect and to use it with the highest of intentions. I desire to leave my clients with an inner peace and resolve knowing that through love it is possible for you to connect with your loved ones who have crossed over